Reflection on Achievement of Outcomes

The politics of a state have considerable influence on the healthcare policies affecting the health care system of that state. Besides the universal code of practice for healthcare professionals, different States have regulatory bodies that develop healthcare policies and set regulations by which the healthcare system is run (Xue et al., 2018). This discussion entails reflecting on the concepts and practices learned in the course and the application to the upcoming clinical practicum experience. More so, it will focus on how I can make informed decisions on nursing practice and patient outcomes globally.

The major concepts that stood out for me in NR506NP include the development of healthcare policies, the components, and the consequences of different healthcare policies to nursing practitioners. I understood in detail that different healthcare policies in a state could be enablers or restrictors of nursing practice, specifically for advanced nursing practice nurses who have knowledge and experience. However, unfavorable policies can be amended through advocacy and lobbying done by the primary stakeholders in the health department. Nurses can be at the frontline in influencing healthcare policy from institutional levels to the state, national and global levels. Since nurses are at the grassroots level in understanding patient needs and preferences and how different healthcare policies apply to the entire healthcare system, they should lead in policy change interventions.

According to Yakusheva, Rambur & Buerhaus (2022), nurses’ role puts them in a place where they are required to make decisions regarding the quality, safety, and cost of care in their institutions throughout the professional practice. Thus, nurses should make informed decisions since their decisions considerably influence healthcare. NR506NP has been an eye-opener to me since it has emphasized the importance of making informed decisions. Using it, I can effectively apply the principles of informatics to support my decision-making. It has prepared me to make informed decisions in patient actions through evidence-based practices. Evidence-based practice is imperative for patient safety, hence essential consideration in making decisions, especially while developing care plans. I will also consider being actively involved in research with other nurse professionals globally. Consequently, it will enhance my understanding of other healthcare systems, thus making informed decisions when working in different areas.

The course will also be applied in my upcoming practicum experience. Knowing the regulations that the board of nursing has set in our state, I will be careful to perform my roles and duties diligently and uphold ethics in the departments in which I will be doing my practicum. I will also use my upcoming practicum to engage with other healthcare stakeholders in conversations on the existing health policies in our state and brainstorm on the changes that can be made to make them more favorable and how to influence policymakers. I will also take part in campaigns for action in areas of desired policy change.

Linking knowledge acquired from previously learned courses to upcoming ones is integral in nursing education. A review of the position of global healthcare quality by Berwick, Snail, and Nishtar (2018) showed that the healthcare system has not gotten where it should be, being in the 21st century. The knowledge acquired in this course will be used together with the upcoming clinical courses to play my role effectively as a nurse in helping the world realize universal health coverage.



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