Nursing Care for Ophthalmology Patients

Assessment Description and Rationale

The assessment aims at providing nurses with the information they need to help patients navigate the challenging issues facing patients with eye injuries (Jubaedah et al., 2020). The course aims to train nurses to be quick, logical thinkers in specific emergencies and during high-pressure situations. The nurses play a critical role in patient education and advising patients on how to self-manage their conditions and new normals (Cabigao, 2021). The education will use various online resources and physical classes to educate the learners and assess their understanding of the topic. The assessment tool that will be most suitable for this education process is the rubrics.

Rubrics are an excellent method of enhancing student learning by ensuring consistency in the way teachers score the students and how they maintain consistency in the various ways teachers score the same assignments (Pui et al., 2021). Rubrics also improve students’ learning processes, allowing them to peer-assess and self-assess their assignments (Cabigao, 2021). Scoring rubrics lay out the expectations for how students should complete specific assignments. Students can know precisely what is expected of them and refer back to them as they move through their assignment or project because all students are provided specific scoring rules. Rubrics also benefit teachers since they eliminate claims that students were not given clear expectations. The rubric allows teachers to communicate with the students about their expectations and how they will be graded. Teachers can provide students with a physical copy of their expectations for certain assignments using rubrics (Jubaedah et al., 2020). Rubrics promote transparency in how teachers grade assignments, consistency in scoring, and the facilitation of peer and self-assessment.



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