Medicare and Medicaid

Identify three major components of the Medicare and Medicaid programs and, based on these components, identify at least two patient coverage gaps for each of the programs. Be clear when you describe the coverage and the gaps as they may relate to specific ages, patient populations, or disease entities. Use primary sources to identify the components and the gaps. Additionally, discuss your stand (criticize or defend) regarding the relevance of the Social Security program to the American public. Should the program be left alone, modified, drastically changed, or eliminated? Provide the rationale and use facts to defend your position.


Medicare is the insurance program that pays medical bills from the trust funds. Medicare is mainly used to serve older people, those over 65 years old, dialysis patients, and the younger disabled persons (El-Nahal, 2020). Medicare is a federal program that aims at helping patients pays their medical bills. On the other hand, Medicaid is an assistance program that serves low-income individuals of any age (Brown et al., 2021. The patients are expected to pay some of the costs, and Medicaid covers the rest of the bills. Both Medicare and Medicaid programs help enhance patient care by ensuring that eligible patients receive quality care despite their low finances.

The first component of Medicare and Medicaid is offering inpatient services. Sometimes the coverage extends overnight depending on the urgency of the matter (Brown et al., 2021). Following this, the healthcare provider will be paid depending on the services they provide to the patient. However, in Medicare, inpatient services as restrictions make it easy to contain the costs and enhance quality care. For example, the service provider is not paid by Medicare if the patient goes back to the hospital within 30 days for the same procedure. On the other hand, Medicaid covers inpatient and outpatient medical expenses for the patient. This measure ensures that the health service provider attends to the patient fully and provides the required medications so that they do not have to return within thirty days.

According to El-Nahal, (2020), another component of Medicare and Medicaid is covering prescription drugs during healthcare. This makes it easy for the persons covered to access all the medications, enhancing quality care. The third co9monnet is that Medicare and Medicaid Services cover occupational, physical, speech therapy, and x-ray services. Besides, patients are provided with durable medical equipment like walkers and canes (Brown et al., 2021). However, it is also important to note that Medicaid covers all the people who have problems accessing healthcare services, unlike Medicare which only covers the elderly, the disabled young, and the dialysis patients. Following this, both Medicare and Medicaid ensure that patients receive quality care services from the healthcare institutions regardless of their financial constraints.

The Social Security Program is a drive that protects against the loss of an income due to disability, retirement, or death (“Social Security Works for the United States 2019,” 2020). Therefore, the social security program is a safety precaution that helps protect the future of American citizens. The Social Security program to the American public is significant since it benefits the retirees, the disabled, and the spouses of the deceased workers. Following this, I believe that the Social Security program to the American public provides security and stability to millions of Americans whose income is cut due to unavoidable circumstances (“Social Security Works for the United States 2019,” 2020). Life is unpredictable. Following this, it is crucial to ensure that one has a dependable income. It is hard to predict the future, but it is easy to protect it by being part of the Social Security program. Through this, one is guaranteed that their future and those who depend on them are safe as there will be a steady income flow all through. I will gladly pay more to keep the Social Security program strong. As a result, I do not mind if the taxes are increased since I know that the funds will benefit my loved ones and me someday.


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