Internal And External Criticism Of Middle-Range Theories

A theory should allow for the determination of the philosophical truth to make the judgment of whether or not it could be adapted for use in research. Internal criticism for evaluation would include consistency, and accuracy or empirical adequacy whereas external criticism would be based on the generalizability, usefulness, and adequate description of the change process. React to the conclusion posted avobe.


Internal and External Criticism of Middle-Range Theories

Theories in research are fundamental as they help make the right decisions and judgments. A good theory helps guide and give meaning to what the researcher sees. The research validates a good theory, hence offering a good basis for practical action. If a theory does not determine the philosophical truth, ten should not be used in research since the conclusion will not be valid. As Collins and Stockton (2018) state, a good theory must have principles, assumptions, and concepts that help build and develop reasonable conclusions. Following this, the researchers must ensure that the theory used aligns with the research so that it is applicable and can guide in finding out the philosophical truth.

Internal and external evaluation criticisms are significant during the change process. According to Christian (2021), internal criticism helps evaluate accuracy, consistency, and empirical adequacy. As a result, internal criticism helps determine if there are lies and errors so that they can be corrected. Internal criticisms are significant since they enable one to make suitable canes before they are implemented and conclusions are made. On the other hand, external criticism is based on the usefulness and adequate description of the change process. Christian (2021) indicated that external criticism determines the authenticity and validity of the change process. Through external criticism, researchers can evaluate the authenticity and male relevant changes that will help develop the philosophical truth. It is important to note that both external and internal criticisms are essential parts of the research process as they help in aiding the decision-making process.


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