Community Health Sim Game; Violence in Vetoville Community

Explore each of the 4 avenues to prevent and mitigate violence in the community:
Public safety

Using Word, explain where you chose to put your tokens and why in a minimum of 500 words and upload when complete.



Overview of Vetoville Community

Vetoville is a town where people have lived and worked peacefully for a long time; however, there have been problems and a state of disharmony in recent years. According to the mayor, the discord is felt in the following sectors: business, education, public safety, and health. The discord has resulted in a town with increased insecurities due to high rates of drug offenses and violence, an increased unemployment rate as the town’s largest employer threatens to leave, a decrease in the quality of healthcare services, and a drastic drop in graduation rates. The community’s tumultuous existence, caused by an increase in drug offenses, a decrease in graduation rates, and high unemployment rates, creates a pervasive violent milieu that necessitates mitigating interventions.

Prevention and Mitigation of Violence at Vetoville Community


Globoco, the town’s largest manufacturing company and largest employer is threatening to leave due to insecurity and a lack of financial support. To avoid the increased rates of violence associated with unemployment-related increased robbery, burglary, and drug offenses, the mayor should seek financial assistance to help the company thrive and increase youth employment. According to Hohl et al. (2019), employment reduces delinquencies by providing a busy routine, behavioral change, and financial support. Employment would significantly reduce poverty levels and, as a result, the need to engage in violent activities for a living.


The superintendent of Vetoville High School explains that the school has had a low-performance rate and a decrease in graduation rates. The Parents Teachers Association is demanding answers and technological improvements. Even as the mayor wants to spend his money on the four projects, education should be prioritized. People who are educated can fend for themselves by securing employment. Globoco manufacturing company in the Vetoville community wants to leave not only due to a lack of financial support but also due to a failure to find well-skilled employees within the town. As a result, empowering young people to acquire skills in various sectors will enable them to fend for themselves, reducing their need to engage in violent or criminal activities.

Public Safety

Vetoville’s police chief reports an increase in drug-related offenses and arrests. Furthermore, alcohol-related motor vehicle injuries in Vetoville have been on the rise. It is also clear that there are high rates of child abuse, unstable relationships, and battered women in their homes. The establishment of a violence hotline will aid in reporting children, women, and men who are victims of violent acts (CDC, 2022). Furthermore, improving the education sector helps create a generation of responsible men who take care of their families, lowering the incidences of child and women abuse (CDC, 2022). Moreover, the establishment of shelters for victims of violence aids in the reduction of the victims’ physical and emotional consequences.


According to the hospital administrator, the emergency department is understaffed, and the hospital’s infrastructure needs to be improved. Because victims of physical abuse and violence are initially treated at the emergency department before being admitted to other departments, increasing the emergency department’s staffing is a wise investment (Rahmqvist et al., 2019). Aside from physical care, these patients suffer from many physiological sequelae of abuse and violent acts, necessitating a well-organized healthcare team that provides care and follow-up.


Violence in the community affects residents in various ways, including business, health, education, and public safety. Because youths and young people are disproportionately affected, most interventions are aimed at them. In the Vetoville community, the mayor has sought the assistance of a special advisor to assist in the resolution of community problems, bringing the aspect of an interprofessional effort in problem resolution. Finally, it is clear that all sectors, including education, health, public safety, and business, are essential and must be considered when addressing violence in communities.



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