Book Review: The Glass Castle

Create a patient-centered concept map and write a 3-5 page narrative in which you explain the process and considerations that went into creating your concept map.


Societies and Cultures reflect their values and beliefs in literature as well as the way they are portrayed. As a result, literature often portrays idealized versions of society and its people. Jeannette Wells wrote a book titled the Glass Castle in 2005. In this book, Jeannette tells the story of her life and childhood struggles and hopes for success (Walls, 2005). It wasn’t easy for Jeannette to grow up with a father who was an alcoholic and a mother who had a hard time keeping a steady job. They moved around the country constantly, living in cities, towns, and even the desert.

Rex Walls, Jeannette’s father, promised to build a glass castle for his family but never did. It was up to Jeannette and her siblings to make ends meet. Their resourcefulness and resilience allowed them to make the best of their circumstances, even in difficult circumstances. This book provides a candid account of the struggles and triumphs of a family living in poverty. As well as illustrating how individuals can adapt and cope with adverse circumstances, the book provides a realistic portrayal of resilience and the complex relationship of family members.

This book narrates about a unique socioeconomic background of a child that could potentially affect her life socially, economically, and psychologically. The theory in the book can be related to Nola Pender’s health promotion theory. Nola Pender’s theory described the multidimensional nature of human behavior and health. Human interaction with their environment should define the nature of their health outcomes to improve their self-efficacy (Masoudi et al., 2020). Prior related personal characteristics determine their individual experiences and motivation.

Jeannette Walls showed resilience and codependency. Socioeconomic circumstances forced codependency between Rex and Rose Mary. Jeannette Walls and her siblings developed codependent interactions and relationships that led to their adaptation. Based on the Bowen Family System Hypothesis, discerning the self enhances personal agency and people’s lives, including their families and children (Wheeler, 2020).The performance of the family structure impacts family members across generations, affecting their conscious awareness and actions because the family structure is an emotional element with inter-reliant members. Hence, identifying every family member’s exceptional features and past encounters, encompassing traumatic encounters, is crucial to strengthening the family bond. These past experiences and features ultimately help the family progress in a positive direction instead of a dysfunctional order. Families are vital in social growth because they are societies’ fundamental and indispensable building blocks. As a result, the four Walls kids with minimal or higher degrees could assess their previous experiences and develop individually and as a family unit.

These concepts are relevant to health practice and the workplace. Every day, we meet various patients from different families and social backgrounds. This book shows how family relationships and struggles can impact an individual’s adaptation in all spheres of life and health. Sometimes, nurses come across patients from disadvantaged social backgrounds. In such circumstances, the nurse needs to provide holistic care that takes into account the impact of this background. Codependence in family relationships will determine the type of therapy that best suits these patients’ needs. Parenting and its impact on future health and emotional interactions have been documented in the literature.


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